War Day 7

Pray for our work in challenging times.

2023-10-14, Samaria:  The pictured articles below are of The Jerusalem Post, 13 Oct 2023, pages 3 thru 10.

“We woke up to a second Holocaust:” Truly, the massacre of innocent Jewish civilians on Oct 7 is statistically the darkest day for the Jewish people ever since the Shoah:



Remember that “The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath”  (Matt 2:27). It is always ok to save a life on Shabbat.  The army reservists, by fighting, are saving lives.  So that is why the rabbis approved this: “Rabbis ok El Al to fly home army reservists on Shabbat.”


“One in four social media accounts discussing war is fake,” says Cyabra, the analysis company hired by Twitter (now X) to find out how many fake accounts were in Twitter. Cyabra’s analysis found that 11% of the accounts were fake, that is to say, being managed and programmed by robots (bots, i.e. algorithms).  Their analysis of the Israel-Gaza war finds that 25% of the accounts which post are bot accounts that were created a year and a half ago (so, exactly near Biden’s inauguration).


Israel taking actions to prevent Iran from arming Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon:


“Should hostpitals refuse treatment to terrorists?”  That this question would even come up!

No doubt, this discussion never gets asked in Gaza, but it does in Israel.


Pray for our work in challenging times.