Terrorist who murdered Dee Family has been apprehended

5 May 2023, Israel: In Nablus, about 20 minutes from here, the terrorist who murdered members of the Dee family while driving to their Pessach (Passover) vacation site, was apprehended by Israeli security forces. He resisted arrest, initiated combat against the Israelis, and was eliminated in the process.


Palestinians in Nablus claim that these (pictured below) are Israeli undercover agents who apprehended the terrorist in the PA-controlled town of Nablus (aka Shechem, the burial place of Joseph):

המסתערבים, על פי טענת הפלסטינים.
“The undercover [agents who found the terrorist -ed.], according to the Palestinians’ claim.” Israel Today – 5 May 2023 pg 1.


The front-page headline: “In the heart of the terrorist nest: The account is closed.”

החיסול בשכם הוא עדות ליכולת כוחות הביטחון – וכך המצב ביו"ש הוא הנפיץ ביותר זה 20 שנה.
“The elimination in Nablus is a testament to the ability of security forces – and so the situation in Judea and Samaria has been the most explosive for 20 years.” Israel Today – 5 May 2023 pg 1.


Pictured below: This terrorist had killed these women who were driving north on Highway 90. The Dee family, who are dual British-Israeli citizens, was in a 2-car convoy towards their Pessach vacation spot in the north:

רוצחין חוסלו. בנות משפחת די ז"ל.
“Killer was eliminated. The late Di family members.” Israel Today – 5 May 2023 pg 1.


Father in Heaven, we pray in Y’shua’s name that You comfort and provide for the Dee family in their time of mourning. 

And pray for our needs, as we do our work in a troubled land.


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