The most famous Palestinian young lady in Samaria

28 Nov 2023, Samaria:  No Arabs protest her message; she speaks for Palestinian society.  Israel arrested her weeks ago for hate speech, she is on the list to be released as part of Israel’s deal with Hamas.

Screenshot from Times of Israel taken 28 Nov 2023 8 am.
Screenshot from Times of Israel taken 28 Nov 2023 8 am.

Tamimi was arrested just three weeks ago after posting on social media that Palestinians will “slaughter” settlers and “drink your blood.”

“Our message to the herds of settlers is that we are waiting for you in all the West Bank cities, from Hebron to Jenin,” Tamimi wrote “We will slaughter you and you will say that what Hitler did to you was a joke, we will drink your blood and eat your skulls. Come on, we’re waiting for you.”

Oh, ok, so here’s an Arab who does not deny what Hitler did in the Holocaust.  The leader of the PA in Samaria, Mahmoud Abbas, wrote his doctorate as a Holocaust denial thesis.  Both the PA president and this young woman are representative of our Arab neighbors here in Samaria; who are thought to be “more moderate” than Gaza to the south.

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