Unusual Planes Overhead

2022-07-11 Samaria, Israel:

So, Israel has recently shot down drones from Iran and Hezbollah (Iran’s proxy army terrorist group which runs the Lebanese government and is active in Syria as well). As for nukes in Iran, this time around neither the USA nor the Israeli government are stable and strong enough to do much: Israel increasingly needs to look to YHWH alone for protection. Meanwhile, USA’s President Biden travels to Saudi Arabia this week, I suppose to make oil deals, which is odd considering he closed down lots of oil business in Texas; but anyway… and then after that, the White House plans to stop by Israel for a visit, and the government coalition has just fallen apart here, last week.

So with all that in mind, this morning an unmarked military plane, about the size of a C-141 passed over my house in Samaria. It was an unusual sound, much lower rumble than the commercial planes ✈️ and instead of flying west towards Ben Gurion airport, this one was heading South-East. Very strange. Two minutes later, a plane with commercial markings and colorings followed behind on the exact same path.

Therefore, I think that flight had less to do with Iran, and more to do with Saudi Arabia. It may have been US or Israel military and support staff heading over to assist the White House people in Saudi Arabia. All this to say – let’s remember to pray for the leaders of the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, as the Bible instructs us to do – regardless of any opinions we have about them. If we pray for them to become saved, and serve YHWH, and walk according to His purposes, things will certainly be better. Thanks.

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