Does Scripture Speak of Politics?

Here I see Scriptural encouragement to advocate to remove corrupt judges & politicians and replace them with good people to take their place. It’s with this in mind that I encourage good people to run for office, to avoid political passivity, to take actions like voting and writing their representatives, and to pray for politicians as per 1 Tim. 2:1-9.

Proverbs 28:12: “Strong” clearly parallels “rise to power;”. That strength is not merely the ability to squat heavy weights under the barbell, this is a form of strength that finds expression in the public sphere. This “rise to power” of the righteous increases the Glory: The Glory that the citizens give to the Creator Who created Righteousness, by definition. The people glorify Him when they live and love with Shalom. That increase of Glory continues to draw others into The Father, Creator of all.

That Glory is diminished when the unrighteous people have strength in politics and influence. Verse 15 affirms, adding that an unrighteous ruler treats the poor exactly the way the devil treats all people: like a roaring lion. No wonder because the unrighteous fulfill the actions ans will of the enemy.

How much more do the righteous fulfill the will and good works of the Creator. Pray for all leaders (1 Tim 2:1-9), and support and encourage the righteous leaders to persist in doing Good. Help the Good to succeed and consider what office you might take.

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