Final Day: Supermarket Leaven Report

2021 March 26, Samaria (Shomron):

In the last hours before supermarket closures for Shabbat, everyone is picking up the last-minute items for this Shabbat meal and for the Pessach (Passover) meal, which will occur in the late afternoon during Shabbat this year.

Earlier this week, sections of the shelves were already labeled as “Hametz (leavened)” vs “Kosher for Pessach.” Today, the changes make it all but impossible to achieve any purchase not sanctioned by the Pharisee rabbis. Have a look again at the honey and jelly aisle:

I think this used to be the Doritos and potato chip aisle:

The cereal aisle is forbidden;

Cookies and cakes:

THESE cakes and cookies are kosher for Pessach, what’s left of them, anyway:

This shelf blocks shoppers from something or other, with holiday cheer:

Apparently almond milk and soy milk has leaven and no one can buy it:

We don’t agree that almond milk is leaven, actually. However, the Pharisee thinking is that if the factory is not cleansed from leaven, then the products are leavened. However, there is leaven flying around in the air every day and it would not only be impossible to hermetically seal the whole global atmosphere from it, but when the children of Israel prepared to move out of their Egyptian slave houses, the last thing they would think to do is hermetically seal their apartments. The point of the unleavened bread was the bread of haste: baked without allowing it to rise. Haste because of the urgency to meet YHWH’s exact timing for His deliverance.

Timing is everything.

We are informed in 1 Corinthians 5 that in the same way we (as well as the ex-pagan followers of Y’shua living in Corinth) observe Pessach by removing yeast from the bread, we also remove sin from the congregation. Without the Pessach teaching , the Body in Corinth could not possibly make any sense out of this metaphor. Therefore, Paul taught the ex-pagans to practice Pessach.

Enjoy the leaven-free week during the Feast of Unleavened Bread (חג המצות).