Passover ’23: weekend of anti-Jewish violence

9 April 2023, Israel: Muslim terrorists pulllng out all the stops in attempts to disrupt the Jewish celebration of the great Exodus from Egypt.

Syria fired missiles at Israel over the weekend.  Last week, Lebanon and Gaza fired missiles.  Is this reported in foreign news? Israel did respond to Syria by surgically blowing up the rocket launcher, which was hidden in what appeared to be a farming grove of trees.

And in other weekend news, this Shabbat evening an Israeli Muslim from an Israeli Arab town nearby tried to disrupt Shabbat by running over picnickers in a Tel Aviv park by the sea. Much as he tried to kill Jews, he ran over European visitors instead. An Italian man (age 35) died, three people were wounded moderately and four wounded lightly, British, and Italian citizens.

And on Hwy 90 a Muslim drive-by shooter waged war on a carful of Jewish women – like a real hero. Maia (age 20) and Rina Dee (15) died, their mother, Lea (48) was critically injured.

Like I said to my landlord this morning, we’re just going to celebrate and be happy no matter what they do.

Some Israelis darkly joked “Well, I guess the civil war will have to wait,” speaking of the protests against Knesset-proposed changes in the judicial selection process.

Jerusalem Post, 9 April 2023 pg 1.


Pray for us.  We carry on the work in a difficult part of the world.