Surprised? UN staffers participated in the massacre of Jews

28 Jan 2024, Samaria:  Background: The UN has a refugee agency for resettling all the refugees of the world into new, safe places. That’s called UNHCR.  Separately, the UN has a separate agency for the Palestinian refugees, called the UNRWA, which is uninterested in resettling any of its refugees.

6 Feb 2024 update: This video gets the idea across quite well:

The one video to watch regarding the UNRWA in Gaza


Now:  The UNRWA has just been found guilty of participating in the massacre against Israeli people on Oct 7.   Nine nations, including Finland, Germany and Scotland, have already withdrawn their financial support of UNRWA.  At least 12 UNRWA staffers actively participated in the massacre of Israeli people on Oct. 7.

The IDF has said every UNRWA building they found in Gaza contains missiles and guns intended for killing Jews.  Every school, every building run by the UNRWA has been converted for military use by Gaza.

The head of the UNRWA is dismayed that anyone found out about these twelve staffers, and shocked at the penalty that his agency will now suffer.

Screen shot captured from Jerusalem Post on 28 Jan 2024.

from Jerusalem Post:

“Congratulations to the US, UK, Italy, Canada, Finland, and Australia for the decision to stop funding UNRWA.

“‘The time has come to establish an alternative organization that will not educate generations of Palestinian children in hatred and will not cooperate with Hamas terrorism.” – Opposition Leader Yair Lapid


“We have been warning for years: UNRWA perpetuates the ‘refugee problem,’ distances peace, and serves as a civilian arm of Hamas in Gaza,” wrote Katz on X, and called on the UN to take “immediate personal steps” against the leaders of the organization. – Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, on X and in the Jerusalem Post

Katz also demanded that the UN fire the heads of UNRWA and immediately open an investigation into the employees’ involvement in the October 7 massacre.  – Jerusalem Post

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