Please choose an amount to give.

And let us know if it is a one time gift, or recurring each month.

Now, let’s say none of the predetermined options suit you. 

Maybe a very special number came to mind.  How to handle it?

To name your own gift amount:

  1. Select ANY option in the pulldown menu and click “Add to Cart.”
  2. Top Up: Type any amount into the Box, click the red button next to it: “Plus This Additional Offering.”
  3. Click the purple “Proceed to Checkout” button, and verify your special customized total.
  4. Example: Want to donate $1200? OK.  Select the $500 option, and then type 700 into the Box.

Todah Raba! The LORD blesses those who help build His Kingdom.

PS: The Box will even accept a negative number.  Not to sound “negative” or anything, but I’m just saying, if you wanted to donate $497, you could either do that by selecting $500 and then typing “-3” into the Box (with no quotes, obviously), OR you could select $250, and then type 247 into the Box (without dollar sign, obviously)  Only numbers.  Positive or negative.


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