Security Fence Continues

7 Aug, 2022: A week ago we posted that another section of our village security fence is being upgraded.






Here are new photos which show the progress:

Original photo of the start of the work, performed by Palestinian non-Israeli Arab construction workers:

Removing the 30+ year old rusted chain-link fencing.


Background: the old fence removed, and new fence posts have been installed and are standing as the concrete dries. In the foreground, part of the old fencing still remains.


New fencing has now been mounted onto the new fence posts.
Seen from another angle: here the new section is in the foreground and the old outdated fencing is in the background.

8 Aug 2022 Update:

As of this morning, another section of old fence is removed, and holes dug for the new posts to be embedded in concrete..


10 Aug 2022 Update:

10 Aug: Section now has new fencing (foreground and background).

Here in the village in Samaria, aka “West Bank,” we have intelligent and active security guards which usually prevent problems; thus, we can afford the risk to go ahead and hire palestinian construction workers to help build our security fences and even our homes.


We’re getting a new security fence