Rockets launchers in the playground

6 Nov 2023, Samaria:  Israeli soldiers in Gaza have identified hidden missile launchers in children’s playgrounds, near swimming pools, and civilian housing. Hamas does this, knowing that when Israel finds where missiles are located, they prefer to destroy them beforehand or, at least hit the launch site after launch to prevent further attacks.

Israel uses weapons to protect its civilians, but Gazans use civilians to protect their weapons.

Photo of article: "IDF says troops found Hamas rocket launchers near playground, swimming pool in Gaza," Times of Israel, 5th Nov 2023.
Article retrieved on 2023-11-05:

Rulers of Gaza put their own civilians in harms’ way just to make Israel look bad.  If Hamas had their way, all these bombed-out war zones would be full of Gazan civilians.  Hamas and Islamic Jihad cynically abuse their Arab brothers, and abuse the international laws, to convert civilian structures into military usage.  That in itself is a war crime.  IDF makes every effort to lead Gazan civilians to safety – even taking fire from Hamas as Hamas tries to prevent the IDF from doing this rescue work.

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