Qatar, a US ally, harbors Hamas top leaders

9 Jan 2024, Samaria: The Qatari PM says that Israel’s assassination of a top Hamas leader really complicates the hostage deal.

Manipulate much, Qatar?

Jerusalem Post, 8 Jan 2024 pg 1.
Jerusalem Post, 8 Jan 2024 pg 1.

So, what have we learned here from these Qatar statements?

Qatar/Hamas says: “We’re not very happy that Israel keeps retaliating against us for what we did. We would prefer them to just be quiet and let us kill them without any difficulty.”

USA: “I don’t think Israel is gonna go for that. Can you sweeten the deal a bit?”

Israel: “They’re basically offering to kill fewer of us now, and then more of us later, if we just quit right away.”

Qatar/Hamas says: “Exactly! Look, we didn’t kill every Israeli we could grab on Oct 7. We left a few alive with us so we could use them later to manipulate you. Just stop retaliating, or else we’ll have to kill the hostages.”

USA: “See, Israel? These guys are really trying to reach a compromise here.”

Israel: “They’re probably lying about whether the hostages are even still alive. We’ve still got more Hamas leaders’ names on this list here…”

Qatar/Hamas: “USA, make them stop!”

Israel: “…so while we work on that, we will just keep searching for our hostages without any of your ‘help,’ thanks.”

USA: “Well, this was a waste. Maybe we need to threaten Israel somehow, hmmm, let’s see about that.”

Qatar/Hamas: “Stop them from developing defensive systems.”

USA: “But, we need those too. That’s a part of the deal.”

Qatar/Hamas: “Just make them stop! It’s not fair that they can just retaliate like this.”

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