Protests against judicial reform continue

23 July, 2023, Samaria, Israel:  The protests continue and have intensified.  Last night police estimate between 30,000 and 40,000 people were on the streets:


Image of the crowd, protesting, as shown on the front page of Jerusalem Post.
Jerusalem Post, 23 July 2023, pg 1.


The editors of the Jpost have shared an opinion column, which includes a reference to a prescient comedy tv show that described this “near civil war” situation in advance by several years:

Photo of the first half of the Jpost editor's column regarding the protests in Israel.
Jerusalem Post, 23 July 2023, pg 9.


New report: Prime Minister Netanyahu will undergo tonight a medical procedure to install a pacemaker. He will be released tomorrow just in time to get to the parliament for the vote on the judiciary reform legislation.


Please pray for peace and wisdom in all levels of Israeli society.

Pray for our work in this very complicated part of the world.










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