Peaceful Demonstration

24 April, 2023, Israel:  Two articles:  Peaceful demonstrations, and what American Jews think of Israel protecting its citizens by law. First, a brief summary with excerpts from both articles; full articles below the fold.

Day of Remembrance ’23: Sunset 24 April until Sunset 25 April.

Independence Day ’23: Sunset 25 April until Sunset 26 April. 

Sixteen consecutive saturday nights of demonstrations in Tel Aviv and other Israeli Jewish cities, and the world is wondering what is happening over here.  Mind you, these demonstrations are peaceful, a bunch of flag-wavers, and it’s having an effect. The Israeli politicians know that they cannot just ignore it, and they have made adjustments to their plans.

Why haven’t the Palestinians, with their list of grievances, turned to peaceful demonstrations? Worse yet, why doesn’t the world demand they do so?

Excerpt from “Change through non-violence.” Jerusalem Post, 24 April 2023 pg 9.


Certain powerful American organizations seem to have such a problem with Israel enforcing its laws against terrorists, that they have lobbied for HR 2590 – a bill by Rep. Betty McCollum which would officially criticize and sanction Israel for exercising its laws against terrorists in Israel. So – when Jews are attacked by antisemites in the USA – it’s fine for the police to arrest them.  But when antisemites attack Jews in Israel – that must be sanctioned. Who are these organizations? “Americans for Peace Now” (that’s the Quakers), and “J Street,” (that’s Jews).

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Article excerpt:

Excerpt from “Punishing Israel for arresting a would-be killer.” Jerusalem Post, 24 April 2023 pg 9.


Full articles:

Jerusalem Post, 24 April 2023 pg 9.


Jerusalem Post, 24 April 2023 pg 9.