Operation Breaking Dawn – Israel vs Islamic Jihad

Backing up a few days prior, here’s the rundown:

2 Aug, 2022: Israel arrested Palestinian Islamic Jihad senior member Bassam al-Saadi in Jenin. Jenin, located in the northern Samaria, aka northern west bank, is part of the palestinian government regime.  Home base for the PIJ is in Gaza, where the PIJ is the second most powerful terrorist organization, after Hamas, which was elected into power over a decade ago.  After the arrest, foreseeing trouble, Israel put the Jewish communities near Gaza on lockdown for their protection.

5 Aug, 2022: Israel used a precise drone to assassinate Tayseer al-Jabari, on the 7th floor balcony of a “safe house” apartment located on “Martyr Street” (Al-Shuhada St.) in Gaza.  Jabari, 50, had risen through the Islamic Jihad ranks for decades, had replaced Baha Abu Al-Ata, who Israel assassinated in a surgical strike in 2019.  Jabari was in charge of Islamic Jihad’s missile arsenal, including anti-tank missiles (also used against Israel civilian cars), as well as the #1 coordinator with the Hamas terror organization.

The surgical strike left Jabari dead, and his wife and children uninjured in the very next room on the afternoon of 5 Aug.  The type of strike used was scientifically engineered to not penetrate walls.

At 9 pm that night, Islamic Jihad began its indiscriminate launch of hundreds of missiles at civilians.  This is a double war crime.  First, for hiding behind civilians and mosques in order to launch the missiles, and second, for launching in the direction of civilian non-combatants.  Israel, in contrast, fires only at combatants.

Israel has a military web page for citizens to receive information: how many seconds they have for to get into a bomb shelter when they hear the siren for their area.  Friday night, that web page crashed as Israelis overwhelmed the site.

By the end of the 3 day operation, Islamic Jihad fired nearly 1,000 missiles at civilian targets in locations such as Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Beersheva, Holon, Bat Yam, Rishon LeZion, and hundreds of others.  160 of those missiles fell short and landed in Gaza.

6 Aug 2022 At around 9 pm Sat evening a building in Jabalya, Gaza, was struck, and four children tragically lost their lives.  Arabs, including Israeli Arab Ahmed Tibi, a member of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) and leader of the Joint List Arab Party.  MK Tibi claimed that Israel had fired the shot.  Within a short time, Tibi deleted his tweet, as Israel showed with video proof that it was an Islamic Jihad missile.  PIJ fired the missile from Gaza at Israel, but it changed direction in mid-air and landed on a building in Jabalya, in northern Gaza.  The false claims had already spread on social media, but Israel’s quick response prevented a public relations disaster.  The whole world, including CNN and even Ahmed Tibi, did in fact accept Israel’s proof as true.  Every dead child is tragic.

Islamic Jihad had fired that missile toward Israeli civilians (a war crime) from a mosque in Gaza (a war crime) and it landed among civilians in Jabalya, Gaza (a war crime).

7 Aug, 2022: A cease fire was called at 11:30 PM.  8 minutes later, Islamic Jihad resumed missile fire from civilian locations in Gaza against civilian populations in Israel.