October 86th for Israel

1 Jan 2024, Samaria: Different ways of counting time.  While the world calls it Jan 1, Israel can’t truly celebrate:

Jerusalem Post, 1 Jan 2024, pg. 1.

Fireworks for NYE: So at the stroke of midnight, Gaza sent a wonderful gift – a barrage of rockets against Israeli civilians:

Screen shot from Times of Israel, Jan 1 2024.

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Blogs like Times of Israel count today (Jan 1) as Day 87 because of up-to-the-hour reporting, while Jerusalem Post calls it the 86th day of war because they close for “press time” the day before the paper is delivered. To add to the complexity, the Jewish Calendar is loosely based upon the Biblical Calendar; and neither has any January 1 at all, as the new year is the First of Aviv in the springtime, and the harvest year is at the start of the 7th month, which is in the autumn (Leviticus 23, Deuteronomy 16).