Priests Then and Now

In King David’s time, Israel was a theocratic monarchy, and the tithes and offerings from the people were enforced by the rule of law.   Today, the Kingdom is spiritualized and yet physical; King Yeshua has ascended and is seated in heaven, and the people contribute by their freedom of choice to those aspects of the Kingdom as they will.   Secondly, priests in King David’s day were Levites, but today the High Priest is Yeshua and he is not of the order of Levites, but of the priestly order of Melchi-Tzedek (See Hebrews 5).   Thus the priestly Order Of Melchi-Tzedek exists both before (Genesis 14:18) and after the Levitical order, which was temporary, as it turns out.

In his day, David haMelech oversaw the collection of taxes (tithes and offerings), and with those, he commissioned and paid for 288 priestly worshipers (1 Chronicles 25:7) to be available to minister full-time in YHWH’s presence day and night:

“And these are the singers, chief of the fathers of the Levites, who remaining in the chambers were free: for they were employed in that work day and night.” (1 Chronicles 9:33).

All this of course was in the tent, because we know that it was Solomon and not David who finally built the golden Temple after David’s death.

So the question is, long after the Second Temple fell, why would the Prophet Amos foretell (Amos 9:11) that in the future the Tabernacle of David would be restored? Wasn’t the Tabernacle of David simply a practice-run for the Temple? After the glory of the Temple with all its shiny gold (both times), why go backwards to that flapping tent again?

Whether or not we can know the reason why, we certainly can know that it will happen.  In fact, it has already been happening for a long time.  Part of this must be the establishment of worship around the world as well as in the modern state of Israel.

We hope and pray that you can find your way to partner with this great move of Elohim.