New Roof for the Homeless

“Y” and I managed to build a new roof next to “M’s” shack, so that his new laundry machine will be protected from the rains. Here’s a photo of “Y” getting goofy for the photo while we worked:

Building the roof for the homeless.

The day after, “M” phoned me up and said that he’s happy to restart talks with me about Y’shua. He may be homeless, living in a shack in the driveway next to the house he gave to his wife and daughter, with no indoor access; and yet, he has government money deposited in his account every month. It’s not money, clothes, or food that he needs. He needs someone to be alive, to be there, and to show him love in an ongoing, steady way, as a representation of Y’shua.

When “D” was here visiting from overseas, speaking with “M” the day after “Y” and I built his new roof, “M” said, “Teddy’s a real Christian, not a fake one.”