Push for a million Jews in Samaria by 2050

24 Aug 2023, Jerusalem:  In opposition to the US State Dept which consistently, Biden or not, prefers zero Jews living in Samaria and a halt to Jewish construction in any of the Land fairly and legally obtained during the Six Days’ War (1967), the head of Samaria, Yossi Dagan, has called for construction and social plans to achieve a doubling of Jewish citizens in Samaria over the next 30 years.

Arguably, Israel has the legal right: By international law, when aggressor nations (such as Jordan and Egypt) lose an aggressive war against a defender nation, the defender gets to keep any land they win while defending themselves.  Israel, and its Israeli Defense Force, were the defenders in every war, including in the Six Days’ War of 1967.

Arguably, to fabricate an exception to this law in the case of the Jewish state’s winnings, while applying no such exceptions to any other land disputes worldwide, is an act of antisemitism.

Working definition of antisemitism contains 11 parts, including (#8):  “Applying double standards by requiring of it [the Jewish state] a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.”

No other democratic nation has been pressured to not annex land obtained in a defensive war.


"Settlers push for a million Jews in Samaria by 2050;" Jerusalem Post, 24 Aug 2023 pg 1.
“Settlers push for a million Jews in Samaria by 2050;” Jerusalem Post, 24 Aug 2023 pg 1.

Pray for our work in Samaria.