Kittens of the Cat Colony

1 Feb 2023, Samaria: A tough week; we had to bury our Third Gingie Kitten, almost 11 months old. A cat virus attacked all the kittens and thankfully the other two recovered and survived.  Here they are in the bathroom, thinking long and hard about going out the cat door into the wind and rain of February in Samaria:

The Two Kittens on the shelf system which leads to the cat door.

The Third Kitten didn’t survive to complete 11 months; that virus that almost killed the other two actually managed to cut the third’s life short.  We’ve cared for their mommy cat, and the kittens from their birth, mid-March 2022.

Burial spot for The Third Gingie Kitten.

The two are mostly indoors now, and safe from the chilly cold nights outside. They have full freedom to go in and out independently. The mommy cat never took to indoor life very much. She prefers to roam the neighborhood and get food wherever she goes. She’s fixed (as are the kittens) and she still appears quite healthy. The kittens have learned to play fetch with the ball! Such joyful creatures.

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