Israeli news anchor speaks out about the war


Pray for our work in challenging times.

Romy Giur is one of those survivors and we thank the good LORD for that. She lives right outside of Tel Aviv and witnessed the deadly violence and destruction from Hamas terrorists at least two of her friends died at the music festival in which 260 people were killed, another a military member died in the fighting. Romi, you join me now, we’ve now seen the music festival so many people across the world with paratroopers coming in the enemy from the sky. Talk to me about that. Not just the sky actually, Harris the sky, sea and land; literally hundreds of terrorists infiltrated Israel, went into the area of the party, the Nova party; I was actually supposed to be at that party I was supposed to go to that party my friends they went uh to that party who turned into a horrific Slaughter water house full fullblown massacre. I know I do not have a lot of time so I want to share with you Harris and the viewers just one story one testimony of someone who was there and was able to get out of there there alive if I may; a friend of a friend: We were able to hide in an all command [police] post. There were many people hiding there, some were crying, some were shouting, and others were in shock. My best friend Liron was helping the wounded; the gunshots were getting closer; and a policeman who was with us said pray and run.

We started running and I heard how people were falling one after the other. Hamas was shooting at us non-stop. I was able to reach an ambulance and as I looked back I saw that I was alone Liron didn’t make it.

Wow I I listen to you and and it’s not happening to somebody else it’s happening to you and the people that you love and I can’t even imagine so what are you what are you watching for that you need right now to learn more about is it that the United States is getting more involved what what are you pinning your hopes on now if I understand your question correctly um then obviously the support of the United States is a big big Comfort if I could say thank you if it would matter to anyone then obviously I am thanking the support of the United States if I can tell you about what I am feeling as a citizen an Israeli Jewish person that this is nothing we’ve ever seen before we are dealing with the most Savage animals known to mankind families were murdered in inside of their homes hundreds got abducted over to Gaza children women men babies elderly I have people on the news looking for their grandmother mothers screaming their lungs out searching for their sons and their daughters the the the Fe it’s just it’s horrible I can’t I cannot even explain I don’t think a human mind can even comprehend this situation over 6,000 Rockets even even 7,000 I don’t even know were fired towards Israel so far we are dealing with the worst enemy the worst enemy my condolences go to to the families that actually been through this horror movie in the southern city cities of the country and still are going through it in the South and still of course still are going through it and also the most terrifying number of the all you know we have over 900 people who got murdered you know if let me ask you over 2,000 wounded um and and the number now is above 2,600 for wounded just from our our last reporter you you were in a position as someone who works in media in Israel to to get so many of the stories like what you shared with us and and I’m wondering what you can educate a wider audience about the kbits and how it is that Hamas would know to hit that to go in and now with reports of babies being beheaded how they know that that that is where they go why if I understand your question correctly first of all I must say I do not live in a kibbutz I live in a small city next to Tel Aviv so I and it’s by membership only and they’re typically small yes but also we must remember that all of those places kibes and um uh suburbs I’ll say these are all literal next to the wall that separates Israel from Gaza a so when they broke in through the wall that separates us from them uh it was an immediate Target because it was right next to it the Gaza Strip is a very hot area here in Israel and I’m not talking to you as a reporter or a TV anchor I am speaking to you as a scared terrified terrified civilian that had lost a lot of friends and if I may Harris I know we don’t have a lot of time but there is a few words I would want to read for you and the American audience that is now watching us if I may go ahead never since the Holocaust did so many Jews died in one day but Hamas doesn’t kill only Jews they killed Muslims beds men women children Kamas is the new Isis right now almost a thousand people were murdered and hundreds were kidnapped to the people at home watching I want to say that Israel didn’t choose this war but will act decisively to defend its people and bring our men women and children back from Gaza we will need the support of the American people at these Harsh Times and together we will end the terror that threatens not only Israel it threatens the entire free world and on a personal note I want to thank the people of the United States for all the support and help we need to spread the word about what is really going on in Israel well and from what I’m hearing hearing this could be a protracted long battle to root Hamas out um from where you are Royer thank you and thank you for being able to as you so graciously put it um tell us what it’s like to feel that but also report to us what it is to be among it from a reporter’s perspective as well you did both my friend God bless you be well.



Pray for our work in challenging times.

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