Israeli Border Police wounded in Tulkarm

6 Oct 2023, Samaria:  The IDF and the Border Police each give a different version of the story.  The Border Police used a grenade against the terrorists, one version said that the grenade bounced off a fence back towards the Police, the other version says that the terrorists acted quickly and threw it back.  The difference may be either a desire to avoid embarrassment, or a lack of accurate information in a high-speed event.  Either way, no testimony is made available from the officers involved.


"Five border policemen wounded in Tulkarm clash; troops hit by own grenade; Main terrorist suspect flees;" Jerusalem Post, 6 Oct 2023, pg 1.
Jerusalem Post, 6 Oct 2023, pg 1.

While the main terrorist fled successfully thus far, another terrorist opened fire on the police and was then hit by return fire from the police.

Pray for our work in a challenging land.


Holiday efforts against terror attacks in Samaria and Judea