Israel Rebuts Genocide Charges

14 Jan 2024, Samaria:  Israel’s rebuttal at The Hague: ‘If there were acts of genocide they have been perpetrated against us.’

Time to point out that intention is a crucial element of what constitutes genocide.  Hamas has written their intent to kill all the Israelis.  This has been made clear in the Hamas Charter as well as in their many public announcements.

Israel has no intent to kill all the Gazans. Israel has stated publicly its intent to stop Hamas from governing and to bring Hamas to justice for their actions.  If one tries to argue that Israel has a hidden intent to wipe out all Gazans, I say: Israel has that capability, but it cannot be the intent since the population keeps rising in Gaza.

Fair to say that Israel’s publicly stated intention is accurate.  Hamas’ publicly stated intent – to genocide all the Israelis – is also accurate.


2024-01-14 Jerusalem Post, pg 1.
2024-01-14 Jerusalem Post, pg 1. –


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