Israel placed 5th in song contest, out of 37 nations and 26 finalists

Outside of North America, Eurovision is a global annual song contest, with this year’s slogan, “United by Music.”  Important to note that jury voters gave a ridiculously low number of points to the performance from Israel; Despite this, the public votes propelled Israel into 5th place.  The jury awarded Germany (12th place) and Luxembourg (13th place) double Israel’s 52 points.  However, the public proved their appreciation for the Israeli people, and for Israel’s songwriting and performance by awarding 323 points.

Give, and Pray for our work.

Israel’s singer Eden Golan performed the song “Hurricane,” and passed all the rules for non-political messaging.  Some of the song’s lyrics:

Someone stole the moon tonight
Took my light
Everything is black and white
Who’s the fool who told you boys don’t cry?


Screenshot from as of 2024-05-15.

37 nations competed, but only 25 became qualified for the contest (Netherlands was disqualified for behavior after the semifinal).


Notable headlines:

At Eurovision, Greta Thunberg did not protest the environment for once, but protested against Israel, and got herself arrested for the news

Eurovision organizers rebuke [non-competing] performer who wore keffiyeh during first semifinal show

Eurovision jury points overwhelm the public votes to grant Switzerland first place, to a male singer wearing a skirt and lipstick

Notable Mentions:  Croatia (2nd place) with the funniest lyric: “Hey, I’m a big boy now / I’m going away and I’m selling my cow.”

Luxembourg, (13th place) with Israeli-born Tali, raised in Chile, Argentina, and Luxembourg, with the wisest lyric, “You’re not 20 anymore / You don’t have time / To act like a child / To just party”

Give, and Pray for our work.