Israel Now Update: 1 Dec 2022

1 Dec 2022, Samaria: In the wake of the Israeli elections, various political parties vie for power as the coalition tries to form.
One of the issues at hand: If highly religious parties make it in, they may try to alter the immigration laws, making it possible to immigrate only if one has the maternal Jewish link according to the Law of Aliyah. For decades, the Law of Return has also allowed grandchildren to immigrate as well.  This article is full of quotes from a Knesset member whose party is comprised mostly of immigrants from the FSU under the Law of Return.

Jerusalem Post, 1 Dec 2022 pg 1.


Flu season: Unknown what this would do to travel requirements for tourists.

Jerusalem Post, 1 Dec 2022 pg 6.


And something cool from Archeology!

Jerusalem Post, 1 Dec 2022 pg 1.


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