Israel may not soon fight Hezbollah, at least for now

Wars and Rumors of Wars:  The news industry has loudly speculated that Israel is on the verge of a full-scale preemptive attack on Hezbollah; The aim would be to push the Islamist army north of the Litani river (as the UN promised to enforce, when Israel agreed to withdraw in 2006; the UN utterly failed).  But in that scenario, while Israel is pushing “the party of Allah” north of the river in southern Lebanon, Hezbollah would fire at Israel civilian centers from its stockpile of 130,000 long range heavy missiles (which the UN was supposed to prevent from reaching Lebanon from Syria – and failed).


Jerusalem Post, 1 March 2024, pg 1.
Jerusalem Post, 1 March 2024, pg 1.


However, that rumor might all be a USA ploy to pressure Hezbollah into a peace agreement; Of course, now that this potential ploy is published in the “free press,” any manipulation effect is gone; Thus, Hezbollah would now have less reason to accept a peace agreement, not more.

Is the press paying attention? Are they aware that enemies in non-free nations are reading what gets published in the open nations?

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