While Israel bickers over judicial issues, Arabs fire on Jewish shoppers

21 Mar 2023 Update on Or Eshkar, may he rest in peace:

Jerusalem Post, 21 Mar 2023 pg 1.


9 Mar 2023, Tel Aviv Dizengoff Center:

Jerusalem Post, 10 Mar 2023 pg 1.


This comes one day after Arab leaders called for more violence to protest Israel’s reactions to their terrorism:

Jerusalem Post, 9 Mar 2023

As it turns out, many areas and highways were closed yesterday due to Israeli demonstrations.

Israel does not yet have a Constitution; as a result, there is still a great need for finding balance between the Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, and Legislative Branch.  As it stands, Israel is not up to modern standards for free societies with this lack of balance.

Please pray, because we serve in a troubled place.


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