Israel-bashing headlines

16 Aug 2023, Tel Aviv:

Israel has been in turmoil for many months because of Parliament (Knesset) legislation (a proposed law) which seeks to bring some balance between the Judicial Branch, the Executive Branch, and the Legislative Branch of government.

Many of the same nations which have such balance have opposed Israel for attempting to create the same balance.  For 30+ years, the Judicial Branch in Israel has held veto power of the Legislative and the Executive branches.

As Israel attempts to come into the modern age and create such balance, condemnation has rained down against Israel – external attacks such as “that’s anti-democratic.”  That’s rich, coming from pro-democratic states which themselves have a better balance.

Israel has no Constitution, but it does have as set of Basic Laws which are meant to suffice meanwhile.

Five recent headlines regarding global antisemitism mentioned here in this excerpt from “The government’s gifts to Israel-bashers:”

Photo of “The government’s gift to Israel-bashers,” Jerusalem Post, 16 Aug 2023 pg 9.
Jerusalem Post, 16 Aug 2023 pg 9.


“Inquire for the peace of Jerusalem; they shall prosper that love thee.” Ps 122:6

Inquire, and pray Israel in general, and pray for our work here.