IDF testimonies in Gaza

7 Dec 2023, Samaria:  We are hearing signs of IDF soldiers seeing miracles while in Gaza. Below is a testimony from an unnamed source, take with a grain of salt; to my eye, it does have the signs of having been translated from Hebrew into English; as the grammar errors are consistent with what I’ve seen with Hebrew speakers:



“A good friend of mine met with a friend’s son who serves as a fighter in an elite unit, and during the ceasefire, he left Gaza for a few hours.

And so he said: ‘After I was now in Gaza for the first time in my life, I feel that I believe, I believe that there is someone in the sky who watches over us, I have seen truly miraculous things.

“Four fighters entered the room, and a terrorist came out to us by surprise and fired at us with his automatic weapon.

“One of the fighters took a bullet in his helmet.

“One of the fighters took a bullet in his weapon.

“One of the fighters took a bullet in the ceramic object.

“And the last fighter took a bullet through his night vision device.

“None of us were scratched, and we eliminated the terrorist.

“As the fighting continued, we threw a grenade into the room. When we entered the room after the smoke and dust had settled, we saw that the room was full of charges that if they had exploded from the explosion of the grenade, our entire crew would have been killed. It turned out that the fragments of the grenade had torn the wire that was supposed to activate the charges.

“I think about all the things I went through there, and I have a lot more to think about, so my first conclusion is that I believe…”


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