ICJ comes short of declaring Israeli genocide of Gazans

28 Jan 2024, Samaria: The International Court of Justice (ICJ) did not declare the genocide which South Africa had accused Israel of perpetrating against Gazans, but merely warned Israel to not commit genocide. That should be easy, since Israel never had any intention of such a thing; that’s Hamas’ wheelhouse. The definition of genocide includes intent, and is not panned for limitations in the perpetrator’s power to execute.  Israel has no intent to wipe out the Gaza people, nor Arabs in general.  Hamas, Fatah, the Palestinian Authority (PA), Hezbollah (Hez b’Allah), and Iran all intend to wipe out every Israeli person and every Jew, and yet, no one takes that accusation to the International Court of Justice.   Why? 

Next week, Algeria plans to put teeth in the ICJ ruling by bringing it to the United Nations for a “binding” resolution, in an attempt to leverage that ruling into a unilateral ceasefire on Israel’s part. 

Screenshot from Times of Israel taken on 27 Jan 2024.
Screenshot from Times of Israel taken on 27 Jan 2024.

Of course, Hamas would never commit to a ceasefire and would never stick to it.  Hamas and Israel already had a ceasefire on Oct 6, which Hamas obviously violated on Oct 7.  So it’s hypocritical of Hamas to violate the ceasefire on Oct 7 and then turn around and demand a ceasefire the following week.


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Source: https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/un-security-council-to-meet-after-icj-ruling-on-gaza-war/