Home self defense in Samaria

3 Dec 2023, Samaria: Making delivery of home defense supplies in the village in Samaria.  Yes, we do realize that pepper spray and batons are not all that much help against murderous antisemites, but it’s better than nothing, and nonlethal.  Pepper spray blinds and chokes the attacker’s breathing for up to 40 minutes.  A baton is a nonlethal tool used by police around the world.

As for firearms, Israel has quite a lengthy application, approval, and training process for every individual that seeks to acquire a firearm.  After Oct 7 there has been a surge in applications.  We’re not involved in that.  Only nonlethal means such as bulletproof vests, pepper spray, batons.

Here at Jerusalem Tabernacle of David our defense goal is to supply nonlethal tools to families as well as Samarian village civilian guards with support from donors:   David Defense Fund.

Pepper spray and baton
Pepper spray and baton given to neighbor in my town; a widow (respect her privacy) on the edge of town next to the Arab village.
Baton, with a neighbor's son on my knee
Baton, with my neighbor’s infant son on my knee, down the street.
Baton donated to a neighbor in town.
Pepper spray gun, baton, and pepper spray canisters.
Pepper spray gun, baton, and pepper spray canisters donated.

Homes receive: Pepper spray gun, baton, and pepper spray canisters.

Civilian patrol guards receive: Bulletproof vests and helmets.

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