Harvard Supported Hitler, too

2024-01-03, Samaria: Antisemitism at Harvard University did not start with recently resigned President Claudine Gay, who was sharply criticized for antisemitic remarks in a Congressional hearing:  Back in Hitler’s day, Harvard helped Nazi Germany:

Screen grab from Times of Israel, 3 Jan 2024.

Clip from the article: “What today’s Harvard administration has in common with its predecessor in the 1930s is its reluctance to reject an evil regime and its supporters,” said Medoff, director of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies.

Presidents from Penn, MIT, and Harvard universities each testified before Congress in December 2023.  They met beforehand, and their language and messages were exactly the same.  Penn president, Elizabeth Magill, and the chairman of the Penn board of trustees, Scott L. Bok were the first to resign after backlash for their antisemitic comments.  MIT president Sally Kornbluth is also under pressure to resign since she would not say whether it is a violation of the school’s policy for students to call for intifada or for genocide of Jews:

Screen grab from Fox News on 3 Jan 2024.

Israel requests moral support from the international community: All calls for intifada and genocide of Jews is wrong.

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