Hamas lied to this 12-year old in captivity saying that Israel was destroyed

27 Dec, 2023, Samaria:  They also lied and said his mother was a captive when in reality, her kidnappers had failed to take her.  They captured the boy Eitan and his father, Ohad,  separately.  Bat-Sheva his mother along with his two little sisters escaped while on the way into Gaza, when their kidnappers were confronted by an Israeli tank. Ohad, their father and husband, is still in captivity, condition unknown.

When Eitan and his kidnappers arrived in Gaza, the “peaceful civilians of Gaza” beat him in the street.

“That was a frightening experience,” he said.


Screen capture from Times of Israel, 27 Dec 2023.
Screen capture from Times of Israel, 27 Dec 2023.

“Eitan Yahalomi was also told his mother was abducted, and only found out she had evaded capture when he himself was set free.”

Eitan is now in a new and unfamiliar town, and getting into school once again, but with a completely different group of kids.

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Source:  https://www.timesofisrael.com/freed-12-year-old-hostage-says-captors-told-him-israel-had-been-destroyed/