Hamas is losing the war, but makes demands as if they are winning

To lay this out one point after the other:

  • Israel has proved that the UN’s UNHCR operation in Gaza has been involved in fighting against Jews, participating in the attacks of October 7th, posing as staff working for Doctors Without Borders,  and brainwashing Gazan schoolchildren for violence;
  • Israel has called for UNHCR to be dismantled;
  • The nations have said that UNHCR cannot be dismantled without some plan for what happens the day after the war;
  • In Gaza, Hamas has refused to discuss the “day after” plan.

For example, Hussam Badram has said that the Hamas leadership has “categorically refused at all stages of the negotiations to discuss the day after the war” in the Gaza Strip.  Badram appears to make it clear that his statement has been coordinated with Sinwar, the Gaza leader of Hamas.

Hussam Badram was a Northern Samaria leader of a Hamas military group during the years 2000-2003, and like other Hamas leaders, now lives in Qatar, an ally of the US.


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If Hamas is losing, and knows it cannot win against the IDF, why would they continue to act belligerently like this?  It seems Hamas is confident that the nations has their back no matter what they do.

Hamas seems to think they can agree to a permanent ceasefire with Israel, maintain that ceasefire for years, break the ceasefire by surprise on October 7th, get a recognized state as a prize, and then launch further attacks against the Jewish state, agree to a permanent ceasefire…. You get the idea. Rinse and repeat.

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