Germany apologizes for its part in 1972 Olympics disaster

6 Sept, 2022:  Germany apologized for failing to keep the Arab killers away from the Jewish athletes; while the leader of the Palestinian Authority government utterly failed to apologize for these murders committed by people from his movement.


Portraits of the victims of the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre are displayed at the Fuerstenfeldbruck airfield in Bavaria yesterday (5 Sept 2022). Germany aplogizes for failure to protect Israelis in 1972 Munich Massacre (in which Arabs snuck into the housing where Jewish athletes from Israel sayed). Source: Jerusalem Post, 6 Sept 2022 pg 1.


Less than one month ago, PA leader Mahmoud Abbas had the platform in Germany, and outraged Germans and Jews by trivializing the Shoah (Holocaust).  Link here:

The Cost of Victimhood


6 Sept 2022 Article:


Worst side of mixing sports and politics:


The Munich Massacre also killed our faith in the postwar order: