Genocide – a word coined in 1944

Nov 13, 2023, Samaria: Israel does not want to commit genocide against anyone. Not Arabs, not Muslims, not Christians; no one.

Photo from "There are no words," Jerusalem Post, 13 Nov 2023 pg 9.
Photo from “There are no words,” Jerusalem Post, 13 Nov 2023 pg 9.

Until the world recovered from the Hitler shock and what the occupiers had done, the language had no need for the word genocide. So, Raphael Lemkin coined the word in 1944, in “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe.”

It’s not that Jew-hatred never existed before that; just that its scale and methodology had never required a word.

As Churchill pointed out, when the Mongols invaded Europe in the 16-century, they used a merciless and methodical butchering on a massive scale. Hitler was the first since the Mongols to exercise murder of innocents at such scale – and so, the word was coined.

What a shame and an insult to turn that word into an accusation against the Jews. If not for Jewish suffering – would the word ever have come into existence?

Two hundred and forty hostages from 30 different nations are still held by Hamas in Gaza. Most of the world behaves as if this is acceptable; Are they victim-blaming the Jews?

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