Galatians 1: Don’t Pump a Different Gospel

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Galatians 1:6-9’s protection against false gospels, prophecies, visions, dreams, PLUS: a new pump for bicycle tires makes all the difference.

Imagine this: A very eloquent preacher shows up in the city or on the internat and makes convincing arguments for why it all makes perfect sense to follow his religious ideas.  How can people avoid deception?  What if people cannot manage to formulate counter-arguments?

Or, this: A flash of lightning appears in the living room and a 15-foot tall angel appears wearing a white robe, with a loud voice and overpowering presence that immediately blows up the microwave, toaster, and all electric light bulbs.  He delivers instructions and a powerful religious message.  How does one deal with that?

Here in this video I attempt to explain a powerful Scripture that was given in order to help us.  If this info had been widely known, many lives could have been saved.  Don’t be duped!