Even Israeli schools have pro-Hamas students and staff

7 Nov 2023, Samaria: It’s not just a Western thing when college students protest silly things. In this case, the students may be Arab Israelis, but not necessarily.

Photo of "Donor threatens to pull Technion funding over feeble response to pro-Hamas students," Jerusalem Post, 6 Nov 2023 pg 1.
Jerusalem Post, 6 Nov 2023 pg 1.

In the Middle East, Arabs may be grouped into four categories:

1. Arabs of the nations other than Israel, such as Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, the UAE, and many others.

2. Arab Israelis who vote in Israeli elections, pay Israeli taxes, receive Israeli benefits, and have representatives in all levels of society including the Knesset (parliament) and the High Court.

3. Arab Palestinians who live in Israel but are governed by the PA (the PLO, aka Palestinian Authority), living in the disputed territories.

4. Arab Palestinians whose government had a bloody coup against the PA and established their Hamas government instead. These are in Gaza, a part of Egypt up until 1967, but now an enclave within Israel. Israel ended the occupation in 2005.

To be pro-Hamas in 2023 is not like being pro-Hitler in 1938; it’s akin being pro-Hitler in 1951 or 1971, long after the proof of the atrocities he committed is very well-known.  Even in 1988 the founding charter of Hamas had been published, stating its mission: genocide all the Jews.

Obviously, neither Israel nor Jews practice genocide; otherwise, the population of Gaza would not have grown from 1.4 million in 2005 up to 2.3 million in 2023.  The PA Arabs in the disputed territory and the Arab Israelis also have normal population growth.

Hopefully, this background explanation will help make sense of articles like this one at the top, and oppose the lies. In reality, Israel has no apartheid; it is inclusive of all races. While many of the PA Arabs were offered Israeli citizenship yet refused, in reality, Arab Israelis are found in every level of Israeli society.

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