Eritreans in Tel Aviv battle on Shabbat; deportation now considered

3 Sept, 2023, Tel Aviv: Yesterday during Shabbat, which is a day off from work in Israel, thousands of illegal Eritreans got out of hand in a dispute among themselves regarding Eritrean politics.

There are between 25,000 to 30,000 Eritreans who crossed illegally into Israel via Egypt, in addition to others from Sudan.

The Eritrean Embassy in Israel has taken measures to promote its own government positions, and to repatriate what it sees as runaways back to their homeland.

Some Eritreans are in favor and some are opposed to the Eritrean government policies. A gang battle ensued between the two Eritrean factions, resulting in property damage, and injuries among Eritrean people. Around 50 Israeli police were injured while trying to keep the shalom.

The Israel government coalition, led by Netanyahu, says it will now consider deportation as a possible solution.  The opposition (the parties which have not joined the coalition) counters that the current government coalition promised to build a solution but has not done anything thus far.

Such gang battles have already occurred during the past two months among Eritreans located in USA and in Europe. Evidently, some Eritreans warned Israeli officials, but seemingly went unheeded.

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