Electric Bike Maintenance

30 Sept 2022, Samaria:  This week the bike got a flat again, so my travel was more limited until I could do the patch right here on the patio.

Goldie the mother cat was hardly around, but her remaining three grownup ginger kittens were very curious about the tools and bike parts.

Finished that up early this morning, so I could ride over to the Arab Muslim (Israeli) city – the nearest bank branch ATM – to make the rent payment. On the way back, I even asked an electric bike mechanic to check the internal gears on the electric motor.  The price was fair, and when he opened the motor, he cleaned and lubed the inside. A nice Muslim guy, speaking Hebrew with me; he showed me his work, and the gears were actually fine and didn’t need replacing. Just some new high quality grease.


That’s my tire on the bench; the hub motor with its internal gears are disassembled, cleaned, and greased before it’s all put back together again.