Egypt Refused all Gazan Refugees

22 Dec 2023, Samaria:  Egypt maintains its Border Wall against Gaza at all costs. Israel and the USA asked for a temporary spot in the Sinai for civilians from Gaza to shelter away from the battle zone. What’s a better humanitarian solution than that? Put the refugees on floating rafts in the Mediterranean? Put them in Israel? The Sinai peninsula is still far from any Egyptian assets. There would be no danger to Egyptian infrastructure nor citizens. But no. Egypt cares nothing about their Arab brothers, the human lives in Gaza.

Screengrab from Times of Israel, 22 Dec 2023 at 10 am.

Apparently, Israel asked the USA to exert pressure on Egypt, a US ally.  Either the Biden Administration was unwilling, or ineffective in exerting any pressure. 

Who pays the price for this failure? Israel pays. The more that Gazan civilians suffer, the more the world can blame Israel for something.  Israel gets an outsized amount of blame for civilian casualties in Gaza, despite Hamas, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, and the USA who all refuse to lift a finger to provide shelter to the Gazans.  Pray that the world exerts fair pressure on other parties.

Support our work and Pray for us in this difficult region.