Monthly pledges help us budget and plan our programs so we can pay our contracts and obligations in a timely way.
We can help set up recurring donations for any time period, such as weekly, quarterly, or monthly.

Invest in our Eternal Programs:

  • Teach the Word
  • Build home group meetings
  • Lift up His Name in Praise
  • Chamber Choir events
  • Change the atmosphere through Scripture and Song
  • Release anointed musical instruments and recordings internationally

Monthly Pledge Level

Target Levels:
April Oct 2023: $1,200/month
May Nov 2023: $1,400/month
June Dec 2023: $1,600/month
Jan 2024: $1,800/month

Big Target:
Median Salary Nationwide: $3,000/month*


We are so grateful for all types of cheerful givers.  While on our way to match the average Israeli salary level of $3k, if we can simply reach just 49% of that (at $1,470 per month) as a stopgap goal, this would finance a shoestring budget for our current range of Eternal Programs.

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(the most recent data available)
Average Monthly Salary is 11,753 Shekels.
($3,000 USD; 2,777 EUR; Nov 2023)

Source: 2022 Government wage report:
Up-to-the minute Conversion of 11,753 ILS:
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