We Need Your Support

Invest in our Eternal Programs:

  • Teach the Word
  • Build home group meetings
  • Lift up His Name in Praise
  • Chamber Choir events
  • Change the atmosphere through Scripture and Song
  • Release anointed musical instruments and recordings internationally

This Month’s Pledges

Monthly Goal by Feb 2023: $1,700/month

Average Salary Nationwide: $3,463/month*


Explanation: On our way to match the average salary, if we can simply reach just 49% of that meanwhile,  at $1,700 per month, that would finance the shoestring budget for our current range of Eternal Programs.

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*Source:  Israel Official Salary Report: 2022,
Average Monthly Salary is 11,753 Shekels,
around $3,500, formerly $2,777/month at 2019 currency rates and average salary.
Original 2022 Government report:

Up-to-the minute Conversion of 11,753 ILS: xe.com.

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