Clashes in Samaria

20 Mar 2023 Update: A Palestinian man shot a second car driven by Jews through Huwara.

Article: Car riddled by 20 bullets

10 Mar 2023 Update: Arabs respond to Israel’s reaction against terrorism, with more terrorism against Jews:

While Israel bickers over judicial issues, Arabs fire on Jewish shoppers

8 Mar 2023, Jenin, Samaria: The killer of Hillel Menachem Yaniv and Yagel Ya’akov Yaniv was found by Israeli military in a hideout in Jenin, got involved in a shootout with the IDF, and was killed.

Jerusalem Post, 8 Mar 2023, pg 1.


27 Feb 2023, Huwara, Samaria: Two sons of a local schoolteacher in my village were killed on 26 Feb by Arabs in Huwara, Samaria:

Jerusalem Post, 27 Feb 2023 pg 1.


Jerusalem Post, 27 Feb 2023 pg 1.

Please pray; we serve in a dangerous place.