Pessach ’23 challenges

13 April 2023: Lucy Dee has died within days of her daughters’ burial.

Jerusalem Post, 13 April 2023, pg 1.

10 April 2023: Israeli daily paper “Israel haYom” goes full-page with the Dee family mourning the loss of two of their young adult sisters:

Israel haYom, 10 April 2023

Their mother, Lucy Dee, remains in critical condition.  This family will face struggles with their memories in years to come during each Passover.  The father Leo Dee said, “When a simple family in Efrat is devastated, the whole country hurts.”

The Jerusalem Post usually places five to seven articles on its front page.  This day includes the Dee family along with the broader views of the IDF preparations in regards to Lebanon, Gaza, Syria, and Iran:

Jerusalem Post, 10 April 2023, pg 1.


Pray for us in Israel. 

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