Purim 2023 Israel News

7 Mar. 2023, Samaria: More lighthearted goofs from Israel during Purim (and one real news article – see if you can spot the difference):

Deri, a corrupt government minister found guilty in court, has been bargaining lately for a ministerial position in the newly formed government.

Jerusalem Roast, parody section for Purim, 7 Mar 2023.


Jerusalem Post, (non-parody), 7 Mar 2023 pg 9.

And now, regarding the cats of Israel:

Jerusalem Roast, parody section for Purim, 7 Mar 2023.

The cats demand Full Kitizenship. 

ReLaTeD PoSt:  Kittens of the Cat Colony

A road near the Prime Minister’s house in Jerusalem is named after Gaza since it points in that direction:

Jerusalem Roast, parody section for Purim, 7 Mar 2023.


More hilarity for Purim:  Purim Sameach as snail crosses road

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Rosh haShanah Celebration Jerusalem

For the opening night I played with the orchestra of 24 harps! About 3,000 pilgrims in attendance at the Convocation. A very anointed time of worship and praise.

Video and stills below:

Photo Credits: Brother Andre (stills), and the Convocation videographer team.