USA and Lebanon blocked Israel from deporting Hamas in 1993

28 Nov 2023, Samaria:

Retrieved from Israel National News on 28 Nov 2023.
Retrieved from Israel National News on 28 Nov 2023.

…On the six buses were current Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh, Hamas co-founder Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi, who would vow, “by Allah, we will not leave one Jew in Palestine”, Abu Osama, who helped draft the Hamas charter calling for the extermination of the Jews, Hamas co-founders Mohammed Taha, Hammad Al-Hasanat, and Mahmoud Zahar, who threatened “They have legitimized the killing of their people all over the world by killing our people”, Hamad Al-Bitawi, who proclaimed that “Jihad is a collective duty” along with Abdullah al-Shami, the head of Islamic Jihad, and many other present and future Islamic terror leaders deported to Lebanon.

The New York Timesheadlined its coverage, “Ousted Arabs Shiver and Wait in Lebanese Limbo”...

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The most famous Palestinian young lady in Samaria

28 Nov 2023, Samaria:  No Arabs protest her message; she speaks for Palestinian society.  Israel arrested her weeks ago for hate speech, she is on the list to be released as part of Israel’s deal with Hamas.

Screenshot from Times of Israel taken 28 Nov 2023 8 am.
Screenshot from Times of Israel taken 28 Nov 2023 8 am.

Tamimi was arrested just three weeks ago after posting on social media that Palestinians will “slaughter” settlers and “drink your blood.”

“Our message to the herds of settlers is that we are waiting for you in all the West Bank cities, from Hebron to Jenin,” Tamimi wrote “We will slaughter you and you will say that what Hitler did to you was a joke, we will drink your blood and eat your skulls. Come on, we’re waiting for you.”

Oh, ok, so here’s an Arab who does not deny what Hitler did in the Holocaust.  The leader of the PA in Samaria, Mahmoud Abbas, wrote his doctorate as a Holocaust denial thesis.  Both the PA president and this young woman are representative of our Arab neighbors here in Samaria; who are thought to be “more moderate” than Gaza to the south.

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Ireland, Spain, and Belgium make missteps in statements about Israel Hamas War; Germany does well

27 Nov 2023, Samaria:  Spain and Belgium held a bizarre press conference, attempting to speak for Europe.  They called for elevating Gaza from terrorist enclave to full-fledged nation.  Quoting from Herb Keinon’s article: “…In other words, some 3,000 Hamas terrorists invade Israel, murder, rape, burn, mutilate, and plunder, and their reward from Spain will be to be recognized as an independent state.”

Photo: Excerpt from "Resisting the ceasefire pressure that would keep Hamas standing," Jerusalem Post, 27 Nov 2023, p 1.
“Resisting the ceasefire pressure that would keep Hamas standing,” Jerusalem Post, 27 Nov 2023, p 1.

As for the Prime Minister of Ireland, at best, he simply did not realize how the word “lost” would sound to Israelis who speak English as a second language, or, he misapplied a Scripture from Matthew which would be unfamiliar to Jews, and is inappropriate to the situation even for Christian audiences; or at worst, the PM minimized the trauma of Emily Hand and her family, a 4 year old girl caught up in a triple war crime situation.  Emily’s parents were murdered before her eyes, then she was held hostage and denied Red Cross visits for 50 days.  A triple war crime.

Jerusalem Post, 27 Nov 2023, p 1.
Jerusalem Post, 27 Nov 2023, p 1.

Is this Catholic antisemitism at work? One remembers that decades ago, Irish leaders congratulated Hitler.  The current Irish PM’s more lengthy statement acknowledged that little Emily was a hostage, but did not mention Hamas or terrorism, and did not mention that she was captured as part of a war crime.

However, Germany is doing much better:

"Hamas is at war with the whole region," Jerusalem Post, 27 Nov 2023, p 1.
“Hamas is at war with the whole region,” Jerusalem Post, 27 Nov 2023, p 1.

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Emotions and War do not mix

27 Nov 2023, Samaria:  Hamas continues to  show an incredible amount of self-control in managing their manipulation powers; and control over their fighters and those of Islamic Jihad and other military groups; We all expected their underlings to disrupt the cease fire by now. Sinwar, the Hamas leader in Gaza is on TV walking the streets in an open-air parade, knowing that Israel is too moral to fire right now, and, as he sees it, Israel is too weakened by her love for her loved ones held hostage. Israel knows she is being manipulated – but the majority view is to allow the manipulation to continue even as we weaken our ability to negotiate.

If I had to summarize the two Israeli viewpoints:

(1) Majority view says that TALKING to the government in order to pressure the government to

(1a) stop fighting Hamas and

(1b) TALK to Hamas to negotiate hostage returns.

The minority view (2) is that

(2a) Hamas is terrorist and does not know the language of TALKING; only military pressure can get the hostages back, and

(2b) Stopping the military pressure hinders rather than helps Israel’s ability to get ALL the hostages back. Hamas is not influenced by their victims’ tears since Hamas is uncivilized.

Most of society gives the most airtime to the majority view; the belief that talking is the solution.  Below is another article which gives about 1 paragraph to the minority view, and around 10 to the majority. Whoever “the underdog” is, I root for the underdog’s message to be heard:

“Even among the parents of the hostages, not everyone is on board with making deals with Hamas.

“’The most correct and effective way for retrieving the hostages is by applying uncompromising pressure on Hamas until the hostages become a liability for Hamas instead of an asset,’ a spokesperson for Tikvah, a new forum of families of hostages that oppose exchanges with Hamas, told The Times of Israel on Friday. The forum’s founder is Eliyahu Libman, who heads the municipality of the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba near Hebron and whose son Elyakim is thought to be a hostage.”

And here is a thorough overview of the powerplay:


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Hamas said hostage Emily was killed by IDF attack. Then Hamas released Emily alive.

26 Nov 2023, Samaria:  I’d take this as another sign of psychological warfare tactics from Hamas.  Meanwhile, the IDF continues to drop leaflets on Gaza warning civilians to stay away from war zones.

Excerpt from "The first 26 Israeli hostages released," Jerusalem Post, 26 Nov 2023 pg 2.
“The first 26 Israeli hostages released,” Jerusalem Post, 26 Nov 2023 pg 2.


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Hamas is active in Samaria

Oct 7 Massacre is a reminder of the necessity of Jewish power of self defense

Hamas is active in Samaria

26 Nov 2023, Samaria:  Detractors vainly accuse Israel of racism for its actions against Palestinians in Samaria during the Israel Hamas War. As usual, the accusers are not well-informed.  Much to their surprise, Hamas is active in Samaria and Judea, and therefore is an active target of IDF operations.

Excerpt from "Hamas kills 3 West Bank Palestinians for 'spying for Israel'." Jerusalem Post, 26 Nov 2023 pg 3.
“Hamas kills 3 West Bank Palestinians for ‘spying for Israel’.” Jerusalem Post, 26 Nov 2023 pg 3.

"Hamas kills 3 West Bank Palestinians for 'spying for Israel'." Jerusalem Post, 26 Nov 2023 pg 3.
Part 2.


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Watch the West Bank

West Bank – 21 wanted terrorists arrested overnight, 6 were Hamas

Battle ongoing in Samaria

American Israelis fighting for Israel’s protection on Thanksgiving Day

23 Nov 2023, Samaria: Thanksgiving is here and the hostage deal is delayed; government officials close to the negotiations say the deal won’t be closed before tomorrow.  Any deal is suspect anyway – who would trust Hamas to keep any promises? At any rate, we can see from the article below that because of what Hamas did on Oct 7, the sole peaceful civilian bridge between Israel and Gaza – where twenty thousand Gaza workers passed every day to and from jobs in Israel – has become a war zone thanks to Hamas.

Excerpt from Times of Israel, captured Nov 23, 2023: “The sole avenue of coexistence that became a Hamas killing field:   Gaza workers used to pass through Erez. So did medical patients, diplomats, UN personnel. Then terrorists struck. Reservists, including a Google staffer from Denver, show ToI around.”


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Wagner Group back under Putin’s control, supports Iran and terror groups against Israel

22 Nov 2023, Samaria:  Putin has regained control of the Wagner Group, which is funded by the Kremlin.  As we’ve explained previously:

Putin trained Hamas for Oct 7 attack

Wagner Group trained Hamas and supplies Hezb’Allah

The Wagner Group has been found to have provided military training for Hamas in its year-long preparation for the Oct 7 sneak attack on Israel.

Now we see that the US State department has conducted their own intelligence investigation and found the same, and that Wagner Group also works with the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen who have been attacking Israeli and USA forces in the Middle East for a month.


Click to zoom:  Yemen’s Houthi attack helicopter boarding the Galaxy container ship, because they believed it was linked to an Israeli businessman.  Source: Times of Israel.


In early 2021, the incoming Biden administration removed the Houthis from the list of terrorist organizations.  They now will consider reversing that decision.  The State Department now believes that the Wagner Group is arming Hezb’Allah or Iran in their wars against The Jews.

Interesting that the Kremlin hates Muslims when it comes to Uighurs or people of Chechnya, but happily unites with Muslims against Jews.

Full article at ToI:

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Biden Birthday Wishes

21 Nov 2023, Samaria:  A bit of Jewish American kindness and birthday wishes mixed with sarcasm for all that Pres. Biden has done to promote peace in the world:

Direct link:

A little bit of comedy to get the ideas across.  

Posted on our channel at “Bomb Shelter Bibles.”

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Rocket fire spikes while IDF gains ground

21 Nov, 2023, Samaria:  That missile alert last night at five minutes past 6 pm reached me in Samaria, in the nation’s Center.  And yet that somehow coincided with advances that the IDF had made in norther Gaza.  Meanwhile, IDF troops at the Lebanon and Syria borders are dealing with snowfall at those elevations.


Photo of "IDF advances in northern Gaza but rocket fire spikes," Jerusalem Post, 21 Nov 2023 pg 1.
Photo of “IDF advances in northern Gaza but rocket fire spikes,” Jerusalem Post, 21 Nov 2023 pg 1.

So does this mean that missiles are fired from southern Gaza, or from uncontrolled parts of northern Gaza? I bet the IDF is well aware of the answer.  The Iron Dome system spots the origin of the rockets, and mathematically discovers their trajectory in order to eliminate them midair.

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