Arabs and Jews: One in Messiah in The Land

Arabs and Jews: One in Messiah in The Land
Naharia: May 21-23, 2019. 
As in years past, going back 5 years, this time we had three days together to worship the King of Kings together, to study the Bible together, and to break bread together at the table. Leaders and congregation members from Hebrew Arab Israeli, and Arab Palestinian areas joined together to build relationships.


What could people with such profound differences possibly have in common?  Yeshua the Messiah!  Our common faith in Him takes enemies and turns them into friends.

Included below is a sound clip of one worship song sung by the congregation, understandable in Hebrew, Arabic, English, plus many more.  The one Hebrew word that all nations comprehend:  Literally, “Praise to YAH!”

Thanks to all those working to make it possible for me to participate in such blessed events in the Land, building His Kingdom.  And thanks to Gateway in TX for financing the bulk of the expense so we could attend at a highly subsidized rate.

No photos included, for the personal safety of all those involved.

“Hallelujah” as sung by believers congregated in Naharia at the Kingdom First conference.

Messiah in the Kibbutz

Givat Brenner, April 9 2019:  Our season’s second performance with the Liturgi-Kal Choir took place in a kibbutz called Givat Brenner, outside Rishon Lezion in the greater Tel Aviv area.  George Friedrich Handel composed and performed the piece originally in English.  Since then it has been translated and performed in many different languages, but only since around 2007 have the first performances occurred in Hebrew.

Messiah by G.F. Handel

Tel Aviv, April 7, 2019:  The first Messiah concert of the 2019 Passover season was held in the Stricker Auditorium at the Israel Conservatory of Music in northern Tel Aviv.  More updates to follow.

JTOD Supports Annual Performances of Handel’s Messiah

  • G.F. Handel’s Messiah HEBREW Translation performed in three concerts every Pessach (Passover) in the Land 2007-2019+
  • Handel’s Messiah – four concerts performed in English in December 2018
  • Part of the Jerusalem Tabernacle of David support for Scripture-based music, lifted up in Israel

Imagine the unmistakable glory of proclaiming The Word in Israel. The text of G.F. Handel’s Messiah is drawn exclusively from the Prophecies and Brit Chadasha passages regarding Messiah’s first coming.

2019 season tickets and info below, welcome to repost these on social media:

JTOD Supports “Fiat Lux” Vocal Ensemble

  • Liturgical Classical Music in Israel.
  • Biblical texts from Scripture set to beautiful music.
  • JTOD sends Teddy to support this ensemble as a singer in the bass section.

Regarding our choir ensemble, our next concert in a few days, next week on Mar 25 in Jerusalem; some have asked for recordings. Well here I have an example of the Vivaldi Gloria in D Major. This recording is not us, it is in Latin, whereas we perform it in Hebrew (translation by David Loden with his daughter Nava).

See the “Fiat Lux” flier here for the complete listing of repertoire: