Careful About Info Sources

Image credit: Ben Garrison. The games that tyrannical global bankers play with the population using the Main-Stream Media to spread their messages.

I encourage everyone to be prayerful and circumspect about how information and news is acquired.  If one tries to avoid it completely, chances are, the messages from the MSM will creep into the ears, like bugs, because those messages are flying around everywhere: the curated search results from web search sites, the background noise at the market or cafe, the radios, the tv sound, and the comments and opinions from all the people who are exposed to those noises.

It takes prayer and focus to actively search out news and commentary that is written with a level of honesty and a level of agreement with your own world view.  Clearly, the banksters have quite their own world view, and they are delighted with their ability to try to force it upon all others.


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