Arabs Shoot Jewish Bus Driver In Face; Passenger Takes Over, Steers Bus to Stop

4 Sept 2022:  The three suspects, members of the same family from the northern Samaria PA-governed city of Jenin, drove a truck with Israeli license plates, and staged a moving attack on the loaded passenger bus traveling on the highway.

Security forces investigate a shooting attack on a bus on Rd 90 in the Jordan Valley on 4 Sept 2022. Source: Jerusalem Post, 5 Sept 2022 pg 1.


The driver holds Israeli citizenship (rather than Palestinian Authority) which might explain why the attack car has Israeli plates.  The driver is father of one of the other two militants.

The investigation is ongoing.

Two of the militants were captured by the IDF, while a third had escaped.

“The shooting on Sunday was the 11th attack in the past month… [and] the sixth terrorist attack in less than one week.”



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