Average Salaries: 2022 Israel Report is In

2022-08-04 Israel average salaries, just released by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics:
Overall average is nearly 12k shekels ($3,463 USD), however, for the tech sector, the average is about 27k ILS per month ($8k USD).  The poorest sector, the hospitality workers, average 5,720 ILS per month ($1,709 USD).
  • Average monthly:  11,753 ILS ($3,514 USD)
  • Tech sector: 26,828 ILS ($8,019 USD)
  • Education: 8,708 ILS ($2,658 USD)
  • Finance & insurance: 23,000 ILS ($6,875 USD)
  • Hospitality: 5,720 ILS ($1,709 USD)
  • Minimum wage: 5,300 ($1,500 USD), or 29 ILS per hour ($9.20).
There are plans to gradually increase the minimum wage to 6,000 ILS ($1,912), to 33 ILS ($10.50) per hour by 2025.

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2022-08-19 Update: The Teachers’ Union is threatening a strike effective on the first day of school; there are talks underway to bring the salary up to 9,000 ILS.  NOTE: Teachers’ salary improvement was successful.
Link to the salary levels 2022 report:

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